Cream Brow Liner Water Resistant


diego dalla palma milano presents THE BROW STUDIO an entire line of product completely dedicate to the brow care. The long-wear water-resistant cream brow defines, fills, outlines and shapes brows with high precision for an effect from natural to very defined, thanks to the buildable and long-wearing texture. The product adheres perfectly, dries quickly and without smudging.

Defined/Graphic Effect

Use the Professional Double-Ended Eyebrow Brush no. 101, mascara wand end: comb your brows with small, rapid and light touches. Oblique brush end: apply the colour with small rapid touches, creating first the lower and upper line of the eyebrow and then filling it in, starting from the inner corner to the outer edge. Mascara wand end: for a fuller and more defined effect, comb the brows upwards following the brow arch.

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